“Our success is less about my own abilities than the abilities of the talented people I’ve surrounded myself with. I’m just the quarterback—it takes a team to win the game.”

David Parks

President & Founder
A second-generation developer and homebuilder, David likes to think of himself as a maestro. And like a well-honed orchestra, David’s team works in concert to make sure every project they take on runs smoothly from start to finish. David lives and breathes solutions, and he is constantly looking for ways to improve his operations and pass the savings on to his clients while ensuring Triad’s exceptional level of quality.

Joe Blackwelder

Project Manager
Having worked in construction since he was 16 and spent over two decades as a framer, Joe literally knows houses inside and out. As Triad’s project manager, he makes sure that every Triad property is built to exact specifications and finished on time. Solution-oriented to his core, Joe insists there’s no home-related issue he hasn’t seen—or figured out. As Joe likes to say, when it comes to houses, “You’re only as good as what’s behind your walls.”

Ashleigh Hoxit

Selections Coordinator
Picking out the right fixtures, roofing material, siding, lighting, and so many other components of a home can sometimes feel like a full-time job. But with Ashleigh by your side, this process becomes a whole lot easier. With her wealth of knowledge when it comes to materials and suppliers, she empowers clients to make decisions quickly and definitively. She is thrilled to be able to help clients express their unique personality through their home.

Joseph Blackwelder

Site Supervisor
As Triad’s site supervisor, Joseph makes sure that the contractors working on each Triad house have just what they need. If an issue ever comes up, Joseph will ensure it’s taken care of—no matter the time or day. He’s proud to work for an organization that’s so client-focused, and nothing makes him happier than helping families make their dream home a reality. When he’s not onsite, he’s most likely out collecting rare jazz records.