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Triad Building Company is a custom homebuilder based in the beautiful Lake Toxaway area of Western North Carolina. In addition to Lake Toxaway, the company builds homes in Brevard, Sapphire, Cashiers, and Lake Glenville.

Decades of experience in the homebuilding industry have given Triad president David Parks unrivaled expertise when it comes to constructing beautiful homes on time and within budget. David’s life passion is helping clients create special, memory-making spaces for family and friends, and every decision he and his team make is guided by this purpose. Triad’s client-focused approach and deep relationships with longtime vendors ensure that every home they build is constructed exactly to a client’s expectations.

Visit our homes with a 360-degree walkthrough tour

Triad has been helping families create memories for over 20 years. All of our homes are custom-built and span a wide variety of styles. To see our work for yourself, click through for a 360-degree tour of four recent projects.
“We were living in Houston before we moved into our house, in May 2017. We had no experience building a home from scratch and here we were, building something from the ground up while being 1,800 miles away. We continue to be amazed at how easy the process was. The communication from David and his team was so complete that we were able to cover almost all the issues in phone conversations; I think we only visited three times during the year of building. For the square footage the house feels so light and airy, and we get compliments all the time about how well it’s designed. Our house is just a magical place.”
– Cathy and Fred Hawley
“We moved into our Triad house (our second home) in 2016. We live in Chicago and it’s just a great feeling to be able to escape to a mountain lake home. It’s helped us create a whole new life and a whole new set of memories. The ability to get out of the craziness of the city and into a warm and cozy home in the mountains is priceless. We just get such a relaxed, cozy feeling when we’re there. Triad made us very comfortable, as our trusted builder, ensuring our dream mountain lake home was coming to fruition.”
– Chris and Pauline Foster
“Triad literally took the guesswork out of the whole housebuilding process because they're so detailed and thorough, even from the very beginning. The budget we were given was spot on—we did not spend a penny more than we were expected to unless it was because of our own changes. That's really important when you're building because the cost of unknowns can be really a big deal. Additionally, the subcontractors who worked on the house were all top-notch from a craftsmanship perspective as well as the materials that they used. David and his project managers’ daily, hands-on approach really made building a joy, especially when you're doing it from a distance. We absolutely love our house. It's everything that we expected it to feel like.”
– Maria and John Kurnick
“Triad is David Parks and David Parks is Triad. So his personal openness, friendliness, and accessibility comes through in every aspect of Triad the company. As we were building our home, he and his team always listened to what we had to say about the construction process. In terms of builder responsiveness, we’ve seen both sides of the equation, and we much prefer people who are responsive like David is! Our house is our mountain getaway. We have two sons and six grandchildren, and nothing gives us more pleasure than spending long weekends together at the house.”
– Max and Kay Reiboldt
“We were referred to Triad by another very satisfied customer. We interviewed David and then the entire Triad team, and at the end of each conversation we realized we couldn't find anything not to like. We only moved in six weeks ago, but it’s heaven up there. The way David laid the house out allowed us to see a mountain and the lake at the same time. It was perfect! And we've got privacy. It's just a beautiful place that we're in. The house, the vision that we had for it—David didn't fight us on anything. He just said, ‘You tell me what you want, and I'll make it happen.’ And he did.”
– Rick and Martha Franks